Online & Digital Marketing Executive / IT City

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Online & Digital Marketing Executive

IT City Public Company Limited

IT CITY Public Company Limited is a superstore, selling computers, peripherals and other related IT products (One Stop Shopping IT Products) under the trade name “ IT CITY” which is a retail superstore chain, specialising in IT products. Its slogan is “ The IT Superstore” . At present, IT CITY operates the following business : -IT CITY provides one-stop shopping for IT products (computer and leading peripheral brands). Its main peripheral products are printers, scanners, and digital cameras, etc. -IT CITY is also a maintenance and service center, offering genuine spare parts which are purchased directly from manufacturers. Its staff are trained skillfully. If customers want to upgrade a software or set up a computer system, IT CITY will serve them with an expert. But it customers want a service for hardware, IT CITY will send that device to a manufacturer or a distributor for further chuck-up. This is to create a good customer relations and to increase earnings for the company. IT CITY offers a variety of over 8,000 items. Beside being a retail business, IT CITY also sells products via wholesale to customers in both Bangkok and provinces. Continue reading “Online & Digital Marketing Executive / IT City”

Digital Marketing Manager / MG Sales

Digital Marketing Career Management

Digital Marketing Manager

MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

MG Sales (Thailand) is an automotive trading company affiliated with SAIC Motor Corporation Limited and CP Company Limited. We are a professional sales and service business of British quality car under ‘MG’ brand.

For 90 years, MG has always been a leading automobile brand from the United Kingdom. Our cars offer neat meticulous looks, stylish British interior designs and advanced manufacturing technologies, which enable MG car to deliver you excitement, fun, passion and freedom on every road. Continue reading “Digital Marketing Manager / MG Sales”

Digital Marketing / Affiliate Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Career Management

Digital Marketing / Affiliate Marketing Specialist

Interspace (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Interspace Co.,Ltd. has been operating “ACCESSTRADE” in Japan since 1999, one of the largest affiliate platforms in Japan. Well-experienced consultants with a wide variety of knowledge support over 6,000 clients and 400,000 internet websites. Since 2012 Interspace has been expanding to China and in 2013 enter to Indonesia and Thailand.

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