Senior Digital Marketing Manager / Human Tech Consulting

Digital Marketing Career Management

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Human Tech Consulting Co., LTd.

Company was founded by four co-founders who come together from different various industries but share same values and believes in driving Best Practices in consulting and recruitment business and to help our clients put the Right Talents to the Right Positions at the Right Times under a highly competitive market environment. We specialized in Mass and Executive recruitment for Retail, IT & E-Commerce, Telecommunication, Trading, Banking, Finance and Insurance industries especially in Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Product Development, Accounting and IT positions

With more than 10 years experienced in this field, our management team has many successful stories, know-hows, hiring techniques and processes to understand clients on their professional demands and time constraints. Our passionate team members aim to offer concrete inputs, ideas and find most suitable and effective workforce solutions to our clients. Continue reading “Senior Digital Marketing Manager / Human Tech Consulting”

24 เทรนด์อาชีพแห่งโลกอนาคต (Next Gen Careers)


24 เทรนด์อาชีพแห่งโลกอนาคต (Next Gen Careers) อัพเดทเทรนด์อาชีพเป็นที่ต้องการแห่งโลกอนาคต 24 อาชีพ 7 สายงาน เตรียมตัวรับอนาคตแต่เนิ่นๆ กับข้อมูลจาก KTB รู้ก่อนใคร ไม่ตกงาน

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Team Head of Digital and Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Career Management

Team Head of Digital and Social Media Marketing

TMB Bank Public Company Limited

At TMB , we are committed to Make THE Difference in the Thai banking sector. By empowering our employees to always challenge and improve upon the status quo in everything we do, TMB is in turn able to deliver value to all our stakeholders: our customers, our shareholders, our community and, of course, our employees themselves. For the past five years, TMB has relentlessly transformed into a solid financial institution backed by five consecutive years of earnings growth and we are aggressively approaching the next chapter to do even better. To succeed, we start from our employees to help build and sustain a strong corporate culture where all of us pull in the same direction to optimise the customer experience end-to-end. Continue reading “Team Head of Digital and Social Media Marketing”