Team Head of Digital and Social Media Marketing

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Team Head of Digital and Social Media Marketing

TMB Bank Public Company Limited

At TMB , we are committed to Make THE Difference in the Thai banking sector. By empowering our employees to always challenge and improve upon the status quo in everything we do, TMB is in turn able to deliver value to all our stakeholders: our customers, our shareholders, our community and, of course, our employees themselves. For the past five years, TMB has relentlessly transformed into a solid financial institution backed by five consecutive years of earnings growth and we are aggressively approaching the next chapter to do even better. To succeed, we start from our employees to help build and sustain a strong corporate culture where all of us pull in the same direction to optimise the customer experience end-to-end.

TMB is looking for employees who are game changers: people who are passionate about shifting the paradigm and can Make THE Difference in everything we do.

Digital Marketing Career Management

Customer & Market Insight:

  • Lead the customer and market research plan by working with other Marketing Management functions / value chain to draft research objectives / requirements as well as developing communication concepts for testing and analysing research results.
  • Keep up with digital trend, competitive movement, and other factors that may have impact on customers’ behaviour relating to digital world.

Integrated marketing management:

    • Develop digital strategy and plan as part of integrated marketing plan in response to overall retail business strategy, segments, and products.
    • Search and brief Digital Agency to develop plan and implement.
    • Ensure excellence execution by guiding subordinates to lay down detailed work activities and helping to resolve issues wherever appropriate.
    • Understand, develop, and leverage customer relationship to build customer advocacy, customer experience, and voice sharing to expand network and build long-lasting customer relationship.
    • Set up estimated budgets and resources according to the strategic plans.
    • Monitor and track results by working with Marketing Management, Digital Agency, and Marketing Intelligence functions.

People Management:

      • Set a clear direction and job expectation to Team including individual roles, responsibilities, and organizational contribution.
      • Cascade KPIs and allocate work targets to Team as well as monitoring progress and evaluating performance.
      • Coach individual Team Leads regularly on how to improve management skill and develop their people.
      • Proactively support subordinates for further training & self-development and identify career opportunity.
      • Motivate Team regularly at Team & Personal level through open discussion & private consultation.
      • Help to prioritize Team work load & resources.
      • Create a Trust environment in order to empower Team & hence, resulting in each Team Member’s ownership.

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